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The world of Johnny Madrid Lancer

Photo Gallery

Johnny and his ladies. Johnny and his ladies. Mattie The Mute girl who saved his life from sure death, and won his heart. But her fear of the unknown had torn them apart. 13125835 Laura The Missionary he felli n love with wanted to marry, but she had another calling. 13359290 Lucy Who choose Johnny over a sheep man and it cost her her life. 13359311 Katha A young School teacher who thought to be a widow had feelings for Johnny but was affaird to admit them. 13359291 Millisa A rich girl who gone astray and Johnny found himself falling for her. 13359312 Callie A bittersweet oneside romance, that wound up with her death. 13359292 Lucere A Nieve young girl who almost cost Johnny his life. 13359313 Tallie A Adventuers daughter, who had found more then just Madrid when she looked into his blue eyes. 13359293 Julie Julie who used Johnny's brother to safe her own brother from bounty hunter, a story that had gone sour. 13359294