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The world of Johnny Madrid Lancer

Photo Gallery

The Children who touched Johnny's heart The Children who touched Johnny's heart Jelly's Kids Eight orphaned boys, Jelly his handy man was taking care of before he came to work at Lancer. 15760205 15760185 15760186 15760206 Pony Alice A spit fire of a girl, who lives with her dying Uncle, a horse trader who tried to pond her off on the Lancer's. 15760187 15760188 15760207 15760189 The School Children Johnny had became a temp School teacher to help a pretty young widow out, when her husband had been supposedly killed. 15760208 15760209 15760210 15760211 Silas A young boy whose father had deeded his worthless land to the devil before he died. Johnny and his family was there to help foil Weir's plan. 15760190 15760212 15760191 15760192 Grady A bright young boy caught in his mother's desperate run from a man who wants to kill her. 15760193 15760213 15760194 15760214 Andy Johnny had reverted to JML for a short time to help and teach a young boy the wrongs of vengeance, when his father was killed. 15762052 15762066 15762053 15762067