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The world of Johnny Madrid Lancer

Murdoch Lancer.......head of the Lancer clan. An rough and tough man who had built his cattle

Empire from the bottom up, while his sons where taken away from him as baby. That did not stop him

from his dream of owning one of the biggest cattle ranch in California. But under all that roughness is a heart of gold,

but as he told his boys......He calls the Tune.

Johnny's new found family

Scott Lancer : Johnny's older brother, who he affectingly calls *Boston* and for good reason. Scott was raised in Boston by his grandfather who took him away from his father after his mother had died giving him life. He's a well edcuated and well mannered man. Who had come to love this land as much as his father, and is learning to cope with a brother like Johnny. And it's not easy being the brother of Johnny Madrid.

Teresa O'Brien : Murdoch's young ward. She was born on Lancer and is the daughter of his trusted segundo , Paul. Who was killed during the raids brought on by land pirates, leaving Teresa in his care. She had told the boys when they had first came home to think of her as a sister. For whom Johnny loves to tease given the chance, but also would protect her and keep her safe and out of harms way.

Jelly Hoskins: The cantankerous handy man who with his goose Dew Drop, adds much love and comic relief to the Hacienda. Jelly may grumble and speak his mind when he feels the need to, but he has a heart of gold. He alone was raising the best way he could eight orphans until he came to Lancer, and not under friendly terms. But Johnny has come to love this old man, and cherishes their friendship. As for Dew Drop that's another story.


Here is a little poem along with pics my friend did, to express how Johnny felt about his father after coming home for the first time in over twenty years. Who he now enjoys a new life with his father......Murdoch Lancer.

Lancer 41th Birthday card

Lancer will be celebrating thier 41th year since it has been aired Step. 24, 1968. So in honor of the blessed day, I had made a simple Birthday card for our men. And will add on others as I go.